Built By An Educator, for Educators

OfficeHours.it empowers educators to efficiently schedule parent-teacher meetings


For $3 per year, teachers have access to unlimited meetings, students, and email reminders.

Schedule Meetings

No more emailing back and forth or using paper signup sheets! Simply set your availability and add your student information. We handle the rest.


Reminder emails are sent to both parties prior to your meeting.


Mom, First Grade Teacher, Developer and OfficeHours.it Creator

As a teacher, I spent a lot of time coordinating meetings. Office Hours was created to simplify that process. Educators already have limited time and many responsibilities. With my application, they are able to spend more time on their other responsibilities and at home with their families. Office Hours was created because I care about teachers and want to make their lives easier, so it is priced as low as possible.

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Email: hello@officehours.it

Please contact us if you have any questions or if you have suggestions regarding new features. If you represent a school or a district, contact us for group pricing information.